Create a Free Inventory of Your Personal Property!

Have you ever wondered how you would keep track of everything you lost in a fire or other disaster?  Let's face it.  You probably won't remember HALF of the personal items you had in your home.  Disaster preparedness is an important part of making your claims experience as stress-free as possible.

Besides taking photos of your contents, (see our Insurance Tips page above), it is important to have an inventory of your personal belongings in case of loss.  It will make the entire claims process go much more smoothly and quickly.

We'd like to help you make that task easier.

Click on the link below to be connected to from of the Insurance Information Institute.  It's simple and easy-to-use.

  1. Click on "Sign Up" to create a free account, including a user log-in & password.
  2. Take the "Guided Tour" on how to use the KnowYourStuff software.
  3. Create your free Home Inventory! 

Take a few minutes now to sign-up and get started on your free Home Inventory.


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